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i at Mar-a-lago, the long and arduous trade negotiations. I saw you right there in the Oval Office with Vice Premier Liu He and President Trump, and todays dangerous declin3

e in relations between our two countries. LookiQ

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the need for national security. Then about my experience as AB

mbassador here for more than seven years. Honestly, I have to confess, when I first came here, I didnt expect I would stay here for so long. I do feel grateful that Im doing this job at this critical moment for both8

our countries. This is most probably my last posting abroad in my 1

diplomatic career. The relations between the two countries are faced with such tremendous challenges. Im grateful Ive been given this opportunity to do this job here, s

to meet the challenges. This is my dedication to my country and my people, and this is what I owe to all my American friends. I have to work with all of you to2

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  • make sure that our relationship will come back on the riD

    ght track. It will move forward. It will be stabilized, especially in the next few months, and with more efforts, we can open 8

  • up new opportunities for further cooperation.Secretary Pax

    ulson: So I know you never look to personalize things. But if you think back, what were you most pleased to be part of?Ambass0